Shellfish Potluck: Bring on the Heat

Raw or cooked oysters? Many folks are squeamish about eating raw oysters, but once battered and fried, they’re more than happy to tuck in. Here at Element Seafood, we generally vie for raw oysters to truly capture the complexities of each oyster’s merroir. But as temperatures climb, most oysters and shellfish tend to get thinner. What’s an enterprising oyster lover to do? Why, cook them of course!

The last Element Seafood potluck was such a resounding success, we decided to come back for more. So, we gathered once again to cook, swap techniques and stuff ourselves with aquatic delights. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a variety of recipes for baked, steamed and fried shellfish. Stay tuned for some elegant yet simple party appetizers, info on why Mediterranean mussels are at their peak right now (when most shellfish are not), and more!

What’s your favorite way to cook shellfish?