Here at Element Seafood, we are proud to offer the knowledge, transparency and quality that you deserve. We have over three decades of experience in seafood distribution, and have provided premium oysters and shellfish to restaurants and retailers since 2007. With our commitment to doing business with integrity, we’ve built long-standing relationships with shellfish farmers and watermen, which allows us to share the best with you, foods that we’d be proud to serve our family. (You can get a taste of our heritage and dedication in the following Washington Post story highlighting our recipe for fish balls.)

Today, we’re offering the same products beloved by chefs directly to you, the home cook and diner. We’re proud to bring a quintessentially New York ingredient to your table, one that tells a great story about our city’s past and future.

We also want to help you better incorporate seafood in your life. Would you like to learn how to shuck an oyster? Get recipe ideas for weeknight meals? Host your own raw bar party? There’s no question too big or too small; let us know how we can guide you!

Element Seafood At a Glance

  • Distance to water:
    0.6 miles
  • Most local product:
    Blue Point oysters
  • Oysters sold at a 1-day market:
  • Shucking wounds incurred:
  • Biggest sales day:
    New Year’s Eve, followed by Memorial Day
  • Hidden office perk:
    A rooftop garden overflowing with tomatoes and peppers
  • Coolest celebrity we’ve spotted while on a team outing:
    Meryl Streep
  • Unusual hobbies among our team members:
    beekeeping, quilting, blacksmithing, professional bull riding

W&T Seafood

For frozen products
旺通海鮮公司: 魚類、蝦類、尤魚類、和其他新鮮及急凍產品
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