Fresh Shellfish

Loose oysters, clams and mussels should be refrigerated at or below 41 F. They should be stored in open containers, covered by a damp cloth. Do not store shellfish in water, on ice that is not drained, in plastic bags or in an airtight container. Live shellfish should be closed shut; discard if open. Mussels will have extended shelf lives if the beards are kept on; the beards should be removed immediately before cooking. Shellfish should be used within 7 days from tag/harvest date.

Shucked Oysters

Shucked oyster meats should be refrigerated at or below 41 F in a closed container, and used as soon as possible, before the sell-by date on the package.

Frozen Products

Frozen products should be kept frozen at or below 0 F and thawed under refrigeration. Products should not be kept longer than two years beyond the production date. Thawed items should not be refrozen.