Aw, Shucks: Join Us for a Hands-On Oyster Primer at Astor Center!

Want to learn how to shuck an oyster from the pros? Scratching your head over how you can pair oysters with wine or cook with them? You’re in luck! Element Seafood is proud to present “Aw Shucks: A Hands-On Oyster Primer.” We’ll be exploring the influence of terroir on oysters, giving you the tools you need to understand and describe an oyster’s flavor and texture. Wine pairings will be presented with the oysters, so you can taste the way wine complements these briny beauties. We’ll walk through a few classic culinary applications for oysters, such as oysters Rockefeller and oyster stew. And of course, we’ll teach you the proper technique for shucking an oyster, so that you can dazzle guests with a raw bar at your next party. This class is a fabulous way to meet and learn with other ostreaphiles, and boost your appreciation for these marvelously complex bivalves!

The classes will take place at the Astor Center (399 Lafayette St., at E. 4th St.) on Monday, Jan. 16th and Feb. 13th at 6:30 pm. To sign up for a session, visit:

Bring your questions and see you there!