Oystergiving at Dorlan’s Tavern & Oyster Bar

Oysters may seem like a hip trend, but we’ve actually been eating them for centuries in America.

In fact, there are oyster shell middens along the East Coast created by Native Americans that date back thousands of years. We can’t say for sure, but it’s highly likely that oysters were at the first Thanksgiving dinner.

It is therefore only appropriate that the next Oyster Lovers Meetup will be at Dorlan’s Tavern (213 Front St), nestled in the heart of the Financial District and the oldest part of New York. Chef Billy Barlow is excited to host us, and has put together the following menu. I am particularly stoked about the roasted quail and smoked oyster stuffing! Check it out:

Amuse Bouche 1

Dressed Kumamoto Oyster
tobiko, scallions, rice vinegar mignonette

Amuse Bouche 2

Fried Copps Island Oyster Slider
potato roll, bacon, tartar sauce

First Course

Trio of Broiled Blue Whale Oysters
garlic-herb butter, crab stuffed, Cajun style andouille and breadcrumbs

Main Course

Roasted Quail and Smoked Ekone Oyster Stuffing
butternut squash puree, bourbon-cherry reduction


Tapioca Pearl Custard

To join in, please join the New York Oyster Lovers Meetup (it’s easy to sign up) and RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/New-York-Oyster-Lovers/events/235110915/

When owner Jeremy Dahm was asked why the neighborhood needed a good oyster bar, he replied, “Why oysters? Oysters are like no other food. They give you a wild, magical kick in the soul every time you eat them.” I couldn’t agree more.

Hope to see you soon at Dorlan’s!

Dorlan's Baked Clams

Dorlan's Tavern & Oyster Bar