Podcast: History & Science on the Half Shell

Did you get hooked on podcasts after Serial? There’s been an explosion of podcasts in recent years, including some excellent ones about food. Gastropod is one of my favorites for its well-researched analyses of the history and culture behind food. This week, the podcast takes on the topic of oysters, in an interview with Rowan Jacobsen about his new book, The Essential Oyster. In a wide-ranging discussion of oyster species, flavors, and historic trivia (did you know that NYC harbor once held half of the oysters in the world?), Jacobsen explains why oysters are a uniquely interesting food, and why there’s no better time to eat them than now. (No really, late fall/early winter are the best times!)

Take a listen or download it through your podcast app: https://gastropod.com/oysters-history-and-science-on-the-half-shell/