Announcing a Seafood Popup Stall at Gourmet Guild

So, where’s the best place in NYC to buy oysters? You’re not alone in wondering; we get asked that question all the time! While there are a few notable markets that carry a variety of oysters, in general, oyster bars outnumber oyster markets by far in this city. So, we’re excited to announce a new Element Seafood Pop-up Stall at Gourmet Guild!

Starting Sat., November 17th, we will be manning a counter at Gourmet Guild, Williamsburg’s premier gourmet specialty food shop. Every day, we will offer a rotating selection of fresh East and West Coast oysters, clams and mussels, along with some oyster-centric merchandise like shucking knives, towels, display platters, t-shirts and more!

To celebrate the opening, we’ll be holding series of launch day festivities, so that you can get to know us and our products. Here’s the tentative schedule below:

12 pm – PEI Mussels with Wine, Butter & Garlic
1 pm – Manila Clams with Black Bean Sauce
2 pm – How to Shuck an Oyster and Choose a Knife
3 pm – Thai-Style Mussels with Curry Sauce
4 pm – Littleneck Clams with Beer, Lemon and Butter
5 pm – Cooking with Blis Bourbon-Aged Fish Sauce

As you can see, it should be a jam-packed afternoon. Stop by for some samples and bring your questions; we can’t wait to see you!