When You Like It Hot: Grilled Oysters with Spicy Herb Butter

Nothing better than an ice-cold raw oyster on the half-shell, right?

Well, it’s hard to top that, but we recognize that sometimes it’s nice to mix things up with cooked oysters too, especially if you’re trying to convince someone to try an oyster for the first time. And with Labor Day right around the corner, we’re here to remind you that grilled oysters are the perfect way to coast out the unofficial end of summer.

Plus, if you’re not feeling up to the challenge of shucking, popping the oysters on the grill will allow you to circumvent some of that work. Just place them on the grill for a few minutes until they start to open, then remove the oysters, let them cool until they’re easier to handle, and remove the rest of the top shell with a sharp oyster knife.

Of course, if you can shuck your oysters confidently, we definitely recommend pre-shucking before placing them on the grill to speed things along. Who wants to wait any longer than they have to?

I hesitate to call this a recipe because it’s really more of a hand-waving guide to grilled oyster nirvana, and there are many different but still valid roads to paradise. Essentially, you’ll need a few (dozen) oysters (we can help you with that), some butter, something aromatic like minced garlic or parsley or chives, some hot sauce or chili flakes (if you want things spicy), a few cold beers and a few good buddies. Melt the butter and combine it with any other seasonings you’re using. Once the oysters are cooked, off the grill and shucked, drizzle them with the herb/garlic butter and/or hot sauce. Sit back, slurp, and repeat.

One last tip, if you’d like to make sure your finished oysters are sitting with their cups upright, fill a tray with salt or rice so that they will stay level and not spill that precious liquor.

Happy grilling!