Just Food Conference: What is food distribution anyway?

Love food and want to learn more about the political, economic and social drivers behind our food system? Check out this weekend’s Just Food Conference, a gathering of farmers, activists, community organizers, chefs, food producers and students who want to know more about the hands behind their plates. It will be taking place March 29-30 at the Food & Finance High School (525 West 50th St). We are thrilled to be facilitating a workshop at this year’s conference about distribution and the logistics behind transporting our food from producers to you. The workshop description is below:

From Farm to Plate: The Role of Distribution in the Food System

How does your food go from farm to table? What are some of the logistical limitations we encounter when trying to feed a growing society, and how do we work around them? Meet some local players in food distribution and purchasing to find out the answers to these questions and discuss how to build low impact and sustainable networks.

Speakers: Nellie Wu, Element Seafood; Mark Jaffe, The Fresh Connection; Julia Sullivan, Haven’s Kitchen

If you’d like to join us, we’ll be leading an interactive discussion on Friday 3/29, 2:30-3:45 pm. See you there!