The Odd Couple: an oyster & shochu tasting class

Oysters and Japanese shochu–two foods that are known for having robust, unique flavors. Can this odd couple be paired together with harmonious results? After careful research and experimentation, we’ve discovered the answer is yes!

Join us at SakaMai (157 Ludlow St at Stanton) for an unusual shochu and oyster pairing on Monday, June 10th at 6:30 pm. With shochu expert Stephen Lyman and oyster pro Crystal Cun of Element Seafood, you will learn the names, places and history behind these heritage products, and come away with a better understanding of your own favorites. We’ll explore shochu and awamori made from a variety of ingredients (barley, rice, sake lees), carefully paired with oysters from both the East and West Coasts, with a range of creamy, briny and metallic flavors. This experience will revolutionize the way you approach food and beverage pairings!

If you missed our sake & oyster pairing last month, be sure to check out this event. Tickets cost $85 and include one dozen oysters (2 each of 6 different types) paired with 6 shochus. Space is limited, so be sure to purchase your ticket sooner rather than later. Note that you must be 21 to attend.